Stainless Steel Calorifiers With Buffer Vessels ,semi storage calorifiers, indirect cylinders and buffer vessels to provide a flexible and economic solution for all water heating requirements. Vessels are designed to the latest British Standards, the Pressure Equipment Directive and Building Regulations. To complement our stand alone equipment Wellman Robey. also provides a total packaged solution comprising all components necessary to comply with relevant standards and legislation. Storage calorifiers, with high performance tubular heat exchangers, are generally manufactured in stainless steel with copper or Stainless steel tubes or coils.

  • Full range of capacities available
  • Vented and unvented systems
  • Heat exchanger: “U” tube fully removable for maintenance
  • Suitable for all primary mediums – MTHW, LTHW, steam and heat recovery
  • Unvented Skid packages with safety devices and expansion vessels

Buffer vessels are available for domestic hot water, chilled water and thermal storage applications. DHW buffer vessels can provide additional capacity when peak demands exceed capability of hot water generator, such as plate heat exchanger. Chilled water vessels are installed to prevent rapid cycling of chiller.

  • Material : stainless steel (see Wellman Robey for alternative materials)
  • Vented and unvented systems
  • Insulation for chilled water applications; 50 mm thick foil faced Phenolic foam with vapour barrier, enclosed in stucco aluminum sheets.