Condensing gas boiler Condensinox

4 models from 40 to 100kW

  • Easy to install with the Hydrostable concept that creates a hydraulic decoupling system within the boiler
  • Outstanding NCV efficiency up to 110.5%
  • NOx class 6(EN 656)
  • Modulation from 20 to 100%
  • Cascade configuration made easier with complete connection kits up to 400 kW
  • Easy plant room access, very small foot print
  • High thermal inertia
  • Separated high and low temperature return 2 connections available to optimise condensation
  • Low carbon intensities (less than 0.061 kg/kWh)

Standard supply

WR - CONDENSINOX is supplied with

  • Stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Modulating gas burner with full premix from 20 to 100%
  • Constant air/gas ratio gas valve
  • Variable speed fan
  • Ionisation flame control In-build boiler regulation for: a) controlling the burner modulation b) burner safety panel c) managing a heating network without 3-way valve d) managing a hot water network with pump operation e) can be interfaced with optional secondary regulators
  • Control panel comprising: backlit digital display interface for setting parameters and reading information on/off switch pre-cut location for fitting a regulator accessory
  • Jackets and doors can be removed easily
  • Low pressure natural gas supply 20 mbars
  • Working pressure 4 bar



Navistem B3000 controls system


Varmax Twin is supplied with the newly-arrived Navistem B3000 controls system.


  • Easy to install and economical: many integrated functions (cascade, V3V management, etc.)
  • Easy to use: interface in clear text, self-detection of sensors
  • Power demands optimisation: cascade strategies, timer and vacation programming
  • Boiler safety garantied: temperatures and flow rates monitoring, reduction of number of cycles

Standard supply:

  • Display with backlit screen
  • User interface high visibility
  • 3 programmable relay outputs (1A max)
  • 2 dedicated sensor inputs
  • 2 programmable sensor inputs
  • 2 programmables digital inputs (1 possible at 0 to 10 Volts)
  • Inputs for room temperature sensors
  • Electrical protective devices integration (fuses, EMC filter)
  • Interface internal boiler wiring and external consumer wiring (LPB)
  • Mounting support


  • AVS 75 extension module for managing V3V circuit
  • OCI 345 interface for cascade boilers communicating via LPB
  • RVS 63 kit (external to boiler) to manage supplementary circuits
  • RVS 46 kit (external to boiler) to manage supplementary circuits 


Details & Warranty

Details & Warranty


  • Power supply 230 V 50 Hz
  • Maximum flow setpoint temperature 85° C


  • Heating element: 3 years warranty can be extended to 10 years
  • Electrical equipment + burner: 2 years