Condensing gas boiler Varino Grande

6 models from 350 kW to 600 kW

  • Boiler constructed of titanium enhanced stainless steel
  • No minimum water flow requirement and no need of shunt pump or balancing vesse
  • Patented and unique premix burner with 8 to 100% modulation
  • Installation simplicity
  • Very high efficiency: up to 99% GCV / 110% NCV
  • O2 sensor: combustion monitored and adjusted for optimal flame and boiler efficiency characteristics
  • Interfaces with any type of system control
  • Very low NOx: < 50 mg/kWh (based on 3% O)

Standard supply

WR - VARINO GRANDE is supplied with

  • Boiler construction of titanium enhanced stainless steel components for total elimination of corrosion
  • Patented and unique fully premix burner system with ionisation flame sensor
  • O2 sensor monitors and adjust combustion parameters for optimum flame and boiler efficiency characteristics -110°C Varino Grande safety temperature limiter
  • Boiler temperature sensor
  • Water return temperature sensor
  • Flue gas temperature sensor
  • Siphon for condensates drain
  • Complete control panel including: ON/OFF switch, resetable overheat safety thermostat, boiler control thermostat,five button manual controller, connection for interfacing laptop computer




Navistem B2100 controls system


Varino Grande is equipped with Navistem B2100 regulator.


  • Simple to install and economical: many built-in functions (cascade, V3V control, etc.)
  • Easy to use: interface in clear text, self-detection of sensors
  • Optimisation of power demands: timer and vacation programmes
  • Ensure boiler safety: monitoring temperatures, reduction of number of cycles

Standard supply

  • RVS 63 regulator
  • Display with backlit screen
  • User interface in clear text
  • 3 programmable relay outputs
  • 4 dedicated sensor inputs
  • 4 programmable sensor inputs
  • 2 programmables digital inputs (1 possible at 0/10 Volts)
  • Inputs for room temperature sensors
  • Integration of electrical protection devices (fuses)


  • RVS 63 kit (external to boiler) to manage supplementary circuits
  • RVS 46 kit (external to boiler) to manage supplementary circuits


Details & Warranty

Details & Warranty

  • Heating element: 5 years warranty can be extended to 10 years
  • Electrical equipment + burner: 2 years